Lynn Bogner’s love of theatre began at an early age. She was just 6 years old when her mother started taking her to their local dinner theatre in Sarasota, Florida. Having spent 4 years in high school drama, she knew that she wanted to pursue the stage, both academically and professionally. But it wasn’t until college that she fell into directing, and she wasn’t happy about it at first. “I remember complaining about having to take a directing class as a requirement for my major. I had never done any directing before, and I didn’t think I wanted to. Then, about halfway through the semester, I was hooked. For me, directing encompasses all aspects of theatre. There isn’t a part of theatre—be it acting, design, dramaturgy—that I don’t enjoy!” 

A graduate of the Rollins College theatre program, Bogner worked in all aspects of the theatre all over the country—the costume shop at the Mac-Haydn Theatre in Upstate New York, props crew at the Santa Fe Opera, office assistant for the Broadway producers behind the musical Chicago, directing productions in New York City—before taking time off to start a family and move west to Fort Collins. “It feels so very natural to be back in the theatre directing plays. It’s like putting on your favorite sweater that you couldn’t find for a while. And then you find it! And when you put it on, it’s just as soft and comfy and fantastic as you remember.” 

Bas Bleu: What drew you to direct The Best Brothers?

Bogner:  I love the mix of comedy and heart in The Best Brothers. To borrow a line from another play, Steel Magnolias, “Laughter through tears is my favorite emotion.” The playwright has done a fantastic job of writing things that are funny, but then turns on a dime to remind the audience that there are still a lot of honest emotions going on with these characters. 

Bas Bleu: What have been the highlights of rehearsing this play?

Bogner: It has been an absolute joy working with this cast. They have been so prepared and so ready to work. Both of them are willing to take some risks and try new things. There has not been a rehearsal where I haven’t (embarrassingly) snorted in laughter. Usually, when you work on a comedy long enough, the jokes stop being funny. Not with this show! 

Bas Bleu: Has anything surprised you?

Bogner: I am surprised that I am not tired of this play yet. Usually, I get a script, work on it, get the show up, and then it is on to the next one. Because I did this show for Reader’s Theatre last season, I have had the script in my hands for well over a year. I thought I would start to grow tired and bored with the play by now, but that is not the case. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. I could do this show forever! The script is just that well written.

Bas Bleu: What do you hope people take away from this play?

Bogner: I hope that people take away the idea that love in their lives doesn’t have to be romantic love. Love can come to us in many different forms. It can come from family, from friends, from pets, from people we encounter on any given day. We just have to be willing to give and receive love. It is harder for some of us to do this than others, but we can all learn to be open to love in all of its forms. I also hope people think the show is smart and funny! 

The Best Brothers truly is an incredible play. We hope you’ll join us for this hilarious comedy that explores the lives of two brothers, mildly estranged, who come together after their mother’s death to settle her affairs. In a not-so-surprising plot twist, some old resentments crop up in a wonderfully comedic and relatable way. You can catch the show until February 23rd! Tickets are available online or by calling our box office at 970-498-8949.

Fun fact: Lynn Bogner is also the Box Office Manager at Bas Bleu Theatre! She is a multi-talented woman, and we’re so fortunate to be able to work with her in so many capacities! 

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