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Lead Sponsors

An icon in the Fort Collins Art community, Marilyn Cockburn is one of Bas Bleu’s greatest champions and supporters. Our gratitude is beyond measure!
Having worked with them for several years now, in our opinion, Aspen Grove is one of Colorado’s best and most effective marketing companies! One of the many things that makes them so good is that they are true partners, not just marketers.

Polis-Schutz Family Foundation

Season Funders

The Cultural Services Department (CSD) of the City of Fort Collins serves to encourage, develop, and facilitate an enriched environment of artistic, creative, cultural activity in Fort Collins. As a
component of many services and activities, the CSD manages the funding and application process for nonprofit arts and cultural organizations for the City of Fort Collins.
The work of Colorado Creative Industries is incredibly important, and we are incredibly grateful for the assistance we receive from them. Colorado Creative Industries believes in the power of creativity to inspire human connections, create social change and support economic vibrancy throughout Colorado. We believe in the practice of creation, the artists and entrepreneurs who contribute to our rich culture and the benefits of our creative economy.
The National Endowment for the Arts is an independent federal agency that funds, promotes, and strengthens the creative capacity of our communities by providing all Americans with diverse opportunities for arts participation.
The Woodward Charitable Trust
Warren and Zoann Little Dusenberry Charitable Trust
Carl and Augusta Levine Fund
 Sutherland Family Fund of the Community Foundation

Company Sponsors

The Lyric Cinema is a wonderful and unique local gem in the heart of Fort Collins! If the Cineplex playing the latest “big thing” just isn’t your thing, check out The Lyric!
The Downtown Development Authority is a steward of the neighborhood at the heart of Fort Collins – the Downtown. Since our inception in 1981 by a vote of district property owners and residents, the DDA had been guided by our Plan of Development and our mission: to build public-private investment partnerships that foster economic, cultural and social growth in the central business district.
At Odell we are tinkerers and experimenters in a relentless search for new and interesting ways to impact the character of our beer. Our obsession with quality is in every can, bottle, and pint.

Company Sponsors

KRFC 88.9 Fort Collins is a community-based, not-for-profit radio station located in Fort Collins, Colorado, USA. The station is owned and operated by Public Radio for the Front Range and their programming is composed of a diverse group of volunteer DJs, whose genres are as distinctive as they are. We value their work and recognize them as kindred spirits in bringing the arts and information to our Front Range
KUNC is a community-licensed public radio station, operated by Community Radio for Northern Colorado, Inc., a 501 (c) 3, Colorado non-profit organization. CRNC came into existence in the winter of 2001 when a group of community volunteers raised $2 million in 20 days to purchase KUNC’s license from the University of Northern Colorado and preserve the station’s independent voice.

17th Annual Mardi Gras Supporters

The kitchen table has always been a place where family and friends come together. From doing homework to paying bills, from being a kid to having kids of our own, so many life lessons are learned at a kitchen table. And whenever there’s a party, the kitchen is usually where the magic happens.
Ginger & Baker

We’re doing tomorrow today. Because the thing about tomorrow, ready or not, it’s already here. So we’re frontloading the future by teaching kids to be entrepreneurs, philanthropists, makers, doers, and givers — today.
Otter Cares