Gabrielle Louise is a songwriter and storyteller living in the mountains on the western slope of Colorado. Half her time she’s touring and making records and the other half she’s gardening, painting, and writing songs on her porch. Her live show is honest, introspective and engaging.

“She executes a captivating balance of heartache and, resolve.”
–David McGee (NYC, NY)

MARCH 6th, @ 7:00PM!


Join us for an enchanting evening of folk-Americana music by singer/songwriter and storyteller Gabrielle Louise. Gabrielle and her full band will perform selections from her upcoming album, THE UNENDING ALTERATION OF THE HUMAN HEART, due out to the public at the end of the month. Advance copies will be available at the concert for purchase.

“For the most part, the songs on this record were born in solitude,” Louise explains. Living in rural Paonia, Colorado’s wine and fruit country, she spent a great amount of time alone the last couple of years, keeping only her creativity as company. Chopping wood, hauling water, and listening to nothing but the falling snow, she looked loneliness square in the face and demanded her own company be enough.

“In the first stages of songwriting for this collection, I was feeling extreme disappointment and loss that were temporarily devastating — a death of dreams, a certain end to my youth and naivety, and a need to withdraw and nurture myself in a gentle and minimal atmosphere. But by the end of my creative process, I felt grateful and full of faith that my grief was a gift.”

In a culture in constant denial of anything but a chipper outward disposition, and particularly for women, it’s refreshing that Gabrielle is so unafraid to acknowledge the reality of her pain and its uses for the deepening of her character.

“I wrote my way through fear and disenchantment, and it was this music that kept conversation with my soul when I felt nobody bearing witness to my existence but the unending and silent snow-covered fields. Soon enough, though, a hopeful inner flame appeared, and these songs sang me through my process.”

She speaks to this transformation, or metamorphosis perhaps, as being an intentional benefit of creating the collection of work, rather than viewing the songs as a lament.

“Present through the recording process was an intention of spinning my feelings into a beautiful tapestry, of an excitement for my ability to transform the trauma into something interesting, honest, and relatable.”

Gabrielle Louise is an Americana-Folk musician who has independently released seven records, toured nationally and internationally, and given a TEDx talk on her passion for and modality of creative expression. Over the years she has used her music and songwriting to fight Fracking, encourage land and water conservation, applaud alternative energy and highlight social justice issues. Her sound has the earthy feel of early Joni Mitchell while also veering into the spirited and versatile delivery of fellow genre-hopping artist Eva Cassidy, and she has been entrusted to share the stage with greats like Guy Clark, Richie Havens, and Tom Paxton.

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